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    Sparks fly when tree surgeon, James Fraser first meet the editorial assistant for a London-based publishing company, Claire Beauchamp two days before Christmas. As they get to know each other, an intense fascination and attraction develop, and they spend a night in each other's arms. After a mishap that nearly ended a promising start of a love affair, Claire decides to forgive and give Jamie and their new relationship another chance.

    Their new relationship is fragile and Claire, who is young, inexperienced in love, and has the world at her feet, is about to put his peaceful world upside down and his resilience to the test. It will not be easy as Jamie's spirit is a little worse for wear after seeing his fair share of war conflicts as a soldier, resulting in him being diagnosed with PTSD. 

    They both come from two different worlds, but they both have a past that connects them. Will their connection be enough to give their flimsy chance, hope for a brand-new future?