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My journal is kinda NSFW, 18+, filled with homo- and heterosexual content, angst, death, violence, torture, language and so on... (but I adore fluff too, don't worry) - please take these seriously. I warned you. If it's not your piece of cake, DO NOT ENTER. I do not take responsibility for mental damage.
[Sorry, Mum.]

Bookaholic. Fanfic-addict (thanks Fly \(≧▽≦ )>* You created a monster!) Music and tea-consumer. Animal-lover. Cat-owner. Enthusiastic traveler & photographer. Total freelancer & free-time-millionaire.
Currently obsessing over various fandoms: Harry Potter, Teen Wolf, MARVEL, DC, Supernatural, Star Wars. It's not likely that I give those up. Ever. ^^
Translating is my baby-project but sometimes my mind is just overflowing with ideas. I MUST write them down :) Occasionally in English...

You do not need to ask my permission to remix, podfic, translate (except to Hungarian, which is my native language), do a playlist or soundtrack or any type of art for or create secondary fanwork of any fanwork I have posted. [FANARTS ARE ESPECIALLY SUPER WELCOME, I LOVE THEM SO MUCH, IF YOU DO ANYTHING FOR ME I'LL BE ETERNALLY GRATEFUL] I only ask you this - if there's a work I created and seems abandoned (I haven't uploaded a new chapter or any info about the progress for months) and you feel inclined to continue it PLEASE write to me first. Probably I'm just buried under RL so much or had a massive writer's block that I can hardly breathe. Thank you.
If you do anything based upon my works you should include a link back to the original, and feel free to share the link to your work with me - I'd love to see it.