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> I'm a woman. (she/her)
> I like writing stuff, sometimes. (procrastinating central up in here)
> I LOVE reading stuff, all the damn time.
> I go by several different usernames here & at However the only active AO3 ones are jayquinox & amorphous_shadow (search at your own peril)
> Currently reading in: OMP (Genosai, Kingtama etc!), Hannibal and Red Dead Redemption 2!

If for some unbeknownst reason you'd like to chat or get to know me, follow me/message me on Tumblr/Twitter:
..... I'm lonely, come play! >;[

PS: I'm JUST getting back into writing, I've had so many gorgeous and encouraging comments recently that it's hard to keep hiding away. I love you all, please watch this space!