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My pleasures in life are slow-burn romances, enemies-to-lovers, and putting the unresolved back in UST.

FAQs: see here; you can also browse my tumblr asks

I am often slow to respond, thank you in advance for your patience!

Transformative Works Policy
I am honoured that you like my fic enough to ask, and very enthusiastic yes to translations, bookbinding (not for profit), art, inspired-by fic, audio adaptations, or any other spin-off you can think of. Pop a link in my inbox when you’ve got something to share!

On original fic
I'll post on tumblr / instagram if I publish something that fits the enemies-to-lovers, bantery vibe of Mortifying that I decide to link to this pseud. Or you can email me at and I shall add you to my list.

I am flattered by your interest!