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infinitycats, ursa minor
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Miami, FL
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My name is Yves. I am both a boy & girl, 21 years old and I reside in Miami. I am currently a college student and I barely write cus I don't have the patience, the energy or the time to do so. But I enjoy reading quite a bit and slash fiction tends to consume all of my time. I will go nights without sleeping once I get into a new pairing or fandom, reading works after works.

I enjoy the "angst" tag more than anything; the more my heart hurts, the better the fic. I barely read pwp and dislike A/B/O.

You are more than welcomed to harass me to finish a fic as I have many unfinished. Oops. Anyways, I have the bad habit of never responding or responding extremely late, so I apologize in advance.

For any other questions, just message me. I'll drop some contacts below. Thank you for reading this.

twitter: @vulcanthot (priv)
tumblr: vulcanslut.tumblr.com (tumblr is still alive?)