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    This is a series about a slowly developing BokuAkaKuroTsuki polyship with established BokuAka and soon-established KuroTsuki. I usually write one shots for this series, although there are/will be a few exceptions. In theory most of these stories can be read individually - although they do all belong in the same timeline. It all takes place in one huge apartment building with no explanation of time and space, and all the Haikyuu characters inexplicably live right next to each other. There's not much of a plot except for volley nerds being stupid together and a bit of gratuitous almost-smut. Also, angst-free zone right here. This is mostly light-hearted crack, so you will not have your heart ripped out of your chest without warning. (EDIT: ok Daredevil on the slope may have some angsty overtones bc of Akaashi's narration, but it's ALL GOOD in the end! :3)

    Side pairings include: KageHina, YamaYachi (planned YamaYachiKenma bc reasons), past KageTsuki, IwaOi, Akiteru/Saeko and a few more appearing in the future :)


    13 Jan 2016