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    To see the stars over Paris is nearly impossible nowadays. From time to time, you will maybe appear the North Star, or the Venus, but sadly barely more. The smog of the city, its warmth and pollution keeps the gazes of the inhabitans, the tourists, the lost souls from seeing their stars and seeking their help.
    It is 2015, Les Amis are a revolutionary group that fights for Equality and Justice. But they are also people. People who love, and fight, and cry. People, who sometimes glance at the sky and wish that the twinkle of those so far-away galaxies could guide them.

    It is not one, on going story, like none of our lives are, but a wild compilation memories, thoughts, diary entries and letters. I doubt that such a story can ever come to an end.

    They do not need to be read in the order in which they were written, to be understood.