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All of my stories here are my own work, although the characters and settings are not. Those belong solely to their creators and to whoever else has a stake in their copyright. I makes no money from these stories, although if anyone would like to hire me to write tie-in novels, I'd be extremely happy to say yes. Reviews of any sort are very much appreciated, and I promise I doesn't bite.

Thanks to everyone who reads these stories and enjoys them and thanks especially to those in the NCIS fandom who've nominated several stories for the LJ 2010 NCIS fanfic awards: it means an awful lot, and thanks to everyone who voted for Imprinted - it won Best AU/What If/Fantasy and Best First Time in the Tony/Gibbs category.

My stories can also be found on LiveJournal and on, as well as and the NCIS Fanfiction Archive.


Pretty much all of these stories are slashfic and many are explicit. That means they centre around male/male homosexual relationships. If this isn't the kind of story you like reading, if such relationships are illegal where you are, if you are underage (under 18), please don't read these stories. Life's too short to be upset by what you read on the Internet.

ETA: Still not dead yet! ME and depression have been kicking my ass for quite a while now so I'm mostly out of touch, but thanks to all those of you who comment and leave kudos - I may not be up to replying, but I read all the comments and they mean a lot to me, little beacons of light reminding me I can write even if I'm not right now. Thank you! ~Ellen, Oct 2015