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I'm Jessica. I'm 26 and I read more fanfiction than is probably healthy. I have a lot, a LOT, of fic ideas but I'm usually too lazy to write them. If I post something here, it means I am probablygoing to finish it (I swear to god, I am still intending on finishing that handful that seem like they've been abandoned) or am already finished. A lot of my fics are also on, but I like the format and tag systems better here and I stopped getting the same response when I made the jump to TW fics instead of Merlin so I haven't been crossposting as much in the last year or so.


I give permission to anyone looking to translate my fics into other languages or record them as podfics. I welcome graphics/edits/art for any of my fics. As for derivative fics/fics based on or altering my own, come talk to me about it!


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