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    Humanity has spread out among the stars. The rich live in luxury on idyllic colony worlds, while the poor suffer under the rule of battling criminal syndicates in the megacities of Earth or sell themselves into indentured servitude for a chance to make it anywhere else.

    After fighting off an alien incursion, a group of friends have retired from the hero business to live out their lives in peace on a remote colony... or have they?

    Widower Phil Coulson is looking for a spouse to help him raise his daughters, Katie and Skye.

    Heroes out of time Steve Rogers and Peggy Carter are trying to start a new life and heal from old heartbreak.

    Scientist Bruce Banner wants to atone for the mistake that ruined everything.

    Sam Wilson is ready to stop rescuing his friends' bodies and start helping with their hearts and minds.

    And Tony Stark just wants to keep his friends safe and do some good in the galaxy for once.


    10 Sep 2016