1. Persona 5 (8)

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  1. Summary

    A P5R Novelization! But it's Pegoryugoro!

    Within A World Awaiting Ruin
    Three Hearts Link Together In Chains Of Gold
    As Shadows, Palaces And Corruption Are Brewing
    There's Treasures To Behold

    A Trickster Will Arise
    Allies Shall Heed The Call
    Exposing Injustice, Corruption and Lies
    To Save Them All

    The Stage Is Set And The Game Has Begun
    Three Hearts Attempting To Beat As One
    Will The End Come With The Rising Of A New Sun
    Three Hearts Slowly Becoming Undone

    In Such A World That's Gone Blind
    With Their Fates Intertwined
    Two Standing Together While One Standing On An Opposing Side
    In Such A World Can Their Love Survive?