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    The Time Warriors Universe is focused on everyone's favourite Life Is Strange characters, and follows Max, Chloe, Rachel, Victoria and Kate (later assisted by Brooke & Warren) as the aptly-named Time Warriors embark on a journey to defy fate. Along the way, they will come up against unexpected surprises, encounter spiritual secrets, and overcome deadly roadblocks that threaten to stop them from achieving their goal of becoming the ultimate embodiment of vengeance and justice in the name of all those who suffered - including themselves - at the hands of the monsters lurking in their hometown of Arcadia Bay.

    But when all is said and done, and The Time Warriors thought they'd finally gained well-deserved peace from the chaos, it doesn't take long for the universe to throw another curve-ball their way... and this one just happens to be the size of an asteroid; giving them no choice but to reform the band and return to Arcadia Bay, in order to investigate what - or who - caused a planetary extinction event during the three year anniversary of The Time Warriors' Victory. However, little do they know, this quest will see them catapulted into an entirely different - and much stranger - timeline with even deadlier foes...