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ThickerthanLove, UlisaBarbic
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Love a mixture of 80s and 90s cartoons. I'm a huge fan of relationships in stories. I love the psychology behind characters and their actions. That is a lot of fun for me to explore so chances are, you'll see a lot of fluff or drama coming from me. I write for a lot of different fandoms but my main ones: Gummi Bears, TMNT (both 1987 and 2003) some DBZ and an occasional odd one out. Crossovers are also a lot of fun for me, provided they're written well. I like crossovers that favor both shows, not just one. Hard to find but when you do, they're usually worth it. Working on a few right now:)

I am also on Fanfiction.net under the name "ThickerThanLove."