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Hey I am Troubled Angel 26, but my real name is Laura-Jayne also nicknamed L-Jay I am 25

I am on as Troubled-Angel-26 and most of my stories will be posted on there, then also posted on here

I have suffered from Depression, anxiety, self-harm/self-injury, suicide attempts so may use my experiences in my story's, and will also give trigger warnings

I also on 03/04/14 tore the ligaments in the front of my knee which are very slowly healing, and the anti cruciate ligaments (ACLs) And Posterior Cruciate Ligaments in the back of my knee which are not and I am awaiting reconstructive surgery. so if I use this type of injury in my story, it will be my personal experience of symptoms and treatment and not from a medical side of things

update - my ACLs etc. healed by time I saw my surgeon, after x-ray's they found one of the problems is that my knees are not in the correct position n 15/05/17 I had the first operation, where my Left knee was broken and moved and pinned and plated, they also did an arthroscopy, and removed some damaged muscle and ligament, I have been healing quite well and physio was going well, when I saw my surgeon in October, it had almost healed so plan was another set of x-ray's to check healing, and also hip x-ray's, I then Saw my surgeon in February no damage luckily the gap left where they moved my knee to reposition it is now all filled with bone and final piece are hardening, I Go back in June to look at booking at having the plate and screws out as its lying directly under my isoital band which is causing some problems.

Another update - I've now had the pin and plates out on 1st October 2018, everything has healed as had quite a bad infection, and they're gonna wait and see before doing the other knee as my left knee needed moving over 15 degrees where this one will only be a few