The Three Musketeers- Loser edition (and there's only two of us.)

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Introducing... the two writers on this cringe account!!!!!

H (she/her) - ‘The fangirl’ of this account. i like cartoons, musicals, art and shipping characters who don’t exist. ya girl lives for fluff, so those will mostly be the fics i will write. also i suck at writing. (She's LYING!!! -Angst) my dream is to be an animator and to create a cartoon. i do have social medias, but you’ll have to find them yourself.

L (they/them)- ‘The Angst’ of this account, apparently. I've wanted to be a writer since I was a little kid. But since becoming an author that gets paid and stuff isn't really an option right now- I'm experimenting with my writing-style using fics on here!! I warn you, though, I'm suuuper inconsistent with my updates. I have zero social medias because they'd most likely all be festering mounds of sad mould by now so, that's that, I guess.


As of right now, we will mostly write Danny Phantom fanfictions, as we are trashcans who are still mentally in 2005 (mostly applies to Fangirl now- I evolved from cartoons to anime recently).

But in the future we will (maybe) branch out and write fics for other fandoms!!
(Edit:- As of a couple months ago, I- Angst- wrote (and am still writing) something for the BNHA fandom!! Check it out if you're interested!!!)

(Fyi- Fangirl wrote the bio, I just edited it a lil' bit to spice it up in my own... special way.)