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Nerva, TAA
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I'll read just about anything in any fandom; though I have momentary favourites they can change daily. So my Bookmark-page should fill up veeeery quickly, my fanfic... not so fast. I've made forays into fanfic but I never written more than a page. Let's see if I do better now.

I am not a native speaker of English, though I have a BA in it. I tell you this because sometimes my inner teacher will want to do spell-checks in your text so fair warning. Usually I don't comment on errors unless I really like a story, so there's that at least.

Kudos is my weapon of choice

TAA ( Tea Addicts Anonymous - by the way, Anonymous is a severely under appreciated movie, can't anyone write some more fanfic for it? )

BTW - Does auto-correct change Bag End to Bad End in Word or something? Quite a funny misspelling in several fanfics out there :)