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    A fantasy world of boys on generic magical quests getting distracted by other boys. Or, a world in which I subvert, upend, break or otherwise fuck around with the tropes of the epic fantasy genre, primarily by adding lots of gayness.

    All set in the same world and the same timeline, so there is overlap in themes, places, supporting characters, etc. between stories. However, the stories are all independent of one another and have their own plots and storylines. My goal is that a reader can read any or all of the stories in which they are interested and skip those in which they are not without missing out on the overall story.

    If you like the series and want to interact with me, there's a (nsfw) series Discord server for chatting with me and other readers, my Twitter if you only want me in bite-sized chunks, and my blog if you want an alternate way to read the chapters and also read my random posts about the world!


    14 Nov 2018

    Bookmarker's Notes

    God damn it’s good. All about subverting the classic fantasy genre but making it gay/gayer.