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    A fully fledged 22-episode rewrite - the same overall season arc, but very different individual episodes, character arcs, more character development, etc. All the things we wanted to see in Season 2 and which we didn't get - and keeping all the stuff we did like! This is about as shippy as the season 1 of the show, which means that there are plenty of moments for each and every ship you hope to see, but it's primarily gen.

    18 authors have collaborated to bring you 22 full new episodes, with our collective vision for what Season 2 could have been.

    Once you’re as excited about this new season as we are, come chat with us at @lotrewrite on tumblr! There you’ll find incredible bonus fanworks, including a full tarot deck art set by the amazing @kicking-shoes, and we encourage you to create your own works for our re-write! We welcome your art, meta, fic, vids, and general squee!


    10 Sep 2017