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    Alright, this Series will be a point of decision break off!

    With the theory of multiple alternate universes branching from any decision made at any point in time in one universe, I will be utilizing this theory. Multiple choices leads to multiple futures to sum it up, right. This is a folder to pool all my muses of different Universes I will be putting Kia in and what her choices could mean for the future of choice.

    A start of a new story line in "AlterNet Mother'sTale" will have a small description of which point of time she has a choice and the branched version of it in that particular story from the original Mother'sTale Canon story.

    Undertale rightfully belongs to TobyFox and whoever worked with him.

    The AlterNet Universe baseline stories I will be using also belong to the their rightful owners.

    Kia is mine along with any other OC I make.

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