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Hey, I'm Roo :)

I normally hang out on my IJ, but decided to cross post my fics here as well. I play in the HP fandom, mostly slash. So. I have a Master List of fics on my IJ which include all the translated fics and gifts wonderfully talented people have bestowed upon me.

I have a blanket age and podficcing/translation statement on my IJ. But in a nutshell: I am well over the legal age. If you want to record or translate a story, feel free! All I ask is you send me the link once it's up so I can smile at it and add it to my files.

Please DO NOT post any of my work at WattPad, or upload it under your own name. While I appreciate your enthusiasm and how much you enjoy my warped imagination, it makes me unhappy and uncomfortable to see my work represented under another name, and I flat out do not like WattPad.