“Forgetting about our mistakes and our wounds isn't enough to make them disappear”

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Martina | ♀ | 29
"What is Placebo? It's a drug that doesn't work"
Placebogirl is a punk & gothic lover obsessed by music who lives in symbiosis with her MP3 player. She can not help but express her feelings through the drawing. She sings since she was born and she would like to do it professionally, even if probably she couldn't handle the music show business. Cosplayer and prop maker, she has a lot of fun impersonating her favorite characters and creating their accessories. Kind and helpful with people who deserve it, she can become your worst enemy if you step on her toes. She doesn't follow modes or trends but she prefers to support her ideas right to the end, even if that means going against the world. Manga and Japanese culture's lover, she recognizes in Ai Yazawa her only God. She dreams to marry Ren Honjo. She hates spiders and hypocrisy.

FANDOM: Detective Conan, Nana, One Piece

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