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I mostly post things and try to finish them when I find the motivation to. You'll probably find a handful of unfinished stuff all over the place updated like a year later.
Some of my works tend to be really dark and gritty, full of angst, or full of metaphors and similes. I like exploring more darker themes, and presenting thoughts that question the line between reality and other themes.

I’m a multi shipper, so you will see some content for a lot of different ships. I also like to explore dynamics or opposing relationships. But please do know what I may write doesn’t always reflect my own beliefs when it comes to morality, relationships, etc.

I rarely if at all write NSFW content for my own stories, at most allude or suggest to it in writing if something goes down. I’m more for the story, not the sex. And I personally don’t like writing it much unless it actually is necessary to contribute to the plot or character purposes. Please take notice and heed responsibly any certain age restrictions marked on some fics(such as 16+ or 18+.)

Primarily I’m able to write more angsty or emotional characters, as I’m able to explore and delve into different stanzas of insanity and humanity. Thus you will often see characters like Lapis, Chloe, and likewise be main character POVs.

• Interested in having something be written? Contact me through DM for any commission info.
* Fandoms currently that I can write for; Steven Universe, Wings of Fire, Life is Strange, Last of Us, Soul Eater, MLP;FiM, Warriors