I am a sentimental girl who can't write enough fluff! Details at eleven!

My pseuds:
NoSleepUntilVacation, NSUVAfterDark
I joined on:
I live in:
Halfway between Willow Farm and the land of confusion


20s (won't specify further) / bicurious / female / she/her

Welcome to my corner of AO3; I mostly write fluffy oneshots. If I do write multichaptered fics, then unless I say otherwise, they all update on the strict schedule of "when I feel like it".

I don't like to follow trends very often. Sometimes I do, but if I write something, it's because I want to write it, not solely because it's what's popular.

I've started taking requests, but I have rules. The big one is that I only want to do oneshots, since the last time I tried to do a multichapter request did not end well.

If I decide to write something rated M or E, I'll publish it under the pseud "NSUVAfterDark" to differentiate it from the rest of my work, especially if the NSFW stuff is critical to the plot, or if it just is the plot.

I'm also on FFN under the same name (except with spaces). You may know me from there, or you may not. Keep in mind, not all of my stories will be published on both sites. In particular, I'm losing my faith in FFN for various reasons, so I've been moving my operations here as of late.

As you might have gathered from my list of fanfics, I mostly do Undertale stuff. My favorite Undertale character is Mettaton, and my favorite Undertale ship is Mettaton/Papyrus, so you can expect a lot of stories on those subjects. I don't do Fontcest, Sanscest, Papcest, or AU stuff in general (aside from the AUs I created myself).

Check me out on Tumblr, although be warned that my site is still under construction: https://nosleepuntilvacation.tumblr.com/