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I am now writing fiction. You can follow my non-fanfiction work over at Veronica Highland

I write stuff and hope you enjoy what my creativity brings. Comments are very much appreciated and cherished. Feed the addiction!

I do crack ships for Fairy Tail, because I love them and because it's more interesting this way. At any time one of my stories can and/or include, violence, dark themes, adult situations, swearing and other things that probably go under trigger warnings. Please be advised, because I cannot guarantee I'll remember to leave a warning.

I also exclusively do Lucy pairings, because I adore her. Lucy has great versatility where one little push in one direction can make her into a new woman. Most of the time you'll find her to be strong, confident, thoughtful, intelligent beyond all reasoning and still adorable. Also in any situation where sexual activity is involved, she's an adult. I prefer her in her lower to mid twenties because it makes me feel more comfortable in my writings.

I also tend to write in alternative universes or alternative timelines because fan fiction means I can :)

Crack ships you will find here will include:

Jellal/Mystogen x Lucy
Gray x Lucy
Lahar x Lucy
Loke x Lucy
Laxus x Lucy
Freed x Lucy
Cobra/Erik x Lucy
Sting x Lucy
Rogue x Lucy
Rufus x Lucy
Mard Geer x Lucy -- My OTP
And other strange pairings.

If you've found me from Fanfiction or Wattpad, I am the same MadSoullessQueen and the stories are mine.

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