My pseuds:
Mab, Mafiro
I joined on:


I was a geeky little fangirl back in the days of zines, when video recorders were still divided into Betamax and VHS. I've been active in internet fandom since 2003.

Most of my fanfic is here. I also have an AO3 account for Starsky and Hutch fic which can be found here:
Dale's Starsky and Hutch fic

I use a WordPress site to host fic where other fans have created art to accompany the stories and it can be found here:
Mab's WordPress site

I'm also at Tumblr as the Scarlet Manuka

I have a twitter but I don't do much with it.


If you want to podfic or remix etc based on anything of mine, feel free, so long as you credit.