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I'm would-be illustrator now working as tech support. In my spare time, I tend to busy myself writing fanfiction, drawing fanart, and procrastinating with Youtube videos. I like animation from Disney to anime, sci-fi/space opera, the MCU, anything with dragons, and have recently gotten into kaiju movies. Because, hey, kaiju are kind of like dragons.

I have a couple of unfinished chapter fics that aren't posted here yet but are available under the name kristensharpe on

When I copied everything over here, I thought about leaving the earliest stories off. But, those are my old SWAT Kat fanfics. SWAT Kats was and is a special fandom to me. So, those stories will be here. Just note that all of them except the "Becoming the SWAT Kats" series and the drabbles are twenty years old. They have received minimal editing. There will be outdated pop culture references, bad puns, dubious sentence structure, and many other young author failings.