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Hello AO3 Readers,

This will be a little about myself. There is not much to tell, but what I can tell I will share with you.

Name: Christine
Username: Kitabug, aka Kita
Hobbies: Writing, Reading, Crafts, Cars, RPing, and Graphics
Websites: TheOtaku, TheO Story, Bleach UNRATED, Scholars Nook

I am a very laid back person, and I laugh at almost anything. My zodiac is on the cusp and my moods, can and do swing to fit whichever the moon reflects that month or week. I love getting comments on my stories and hearing what people think of them and I will be more willing to read the comments and not delete them if they're constructive and not destructive.

I love making new friends, be it via the net or in real life. However, it takes a special kind of person to put up with me. My real life and internet friends are just that. They know me and they know I am a down to earth person with a heart of gold. My family means the world to me as do my friends.

I love to write, hence the reason I am here, and the creation of TheO Story and the RP I have created and participate in. I can write alone, as a pair or in a group. However, my spelling is atrocious and my grammar worse, but I was told by my all-time favorite author, at a book signing that I attended to meet the man, and I quote…

“That is why writers have editors.”

Alas, I am not lucky enough to have an editor, but I do have dear friends that help me proofread and they have taught me a lot in the way of grammar. It’s still a WIP but it is much better than what it used to be. As for my spelling. Well, that is what they made spell check for though there are times I have even messed that up.

I do hope you enjoy my stories I have more than enough to go around, and please comment I love hearing from my readers.

Thank You,