K Hanna Korossy

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Maryland, USA


I've been in fandom two-thirds of my life, written for half. Over the years, that's included fanfic for Quantum Leap, Starsky & Hutch, Real Ghostbusters, The Magnificent Seven, CSI (LV), Buffy, The Sentinel, Stargate: SG-1 and Stargate: Atlantis, Due South, Emergency!, Adam-12, The Dead Zone, Firefly, and Numb3rs, but Star Trek (TOS) was the one that started it all, and I still love MacGyver. Supernatural has my heart now. You can find my SPN fanfic at fanfic.net; the rest will be going up here shortly.

I am big sister to three brothers, I work in childcare, I'm a Christian, I'm Eastern European, I edit, my background is in forensic science, and I live in a Maryland suburb of DC, so I've pretty much seen it all!

And thank you for editing and miscellaneous handholding to Jeanne, Jenifer, Jen, and wolfpup.

You won't find here slash, deathfic, shipper (romance), or a/u's, and I rarely dabble in crossovers or kidfics. I mostly write h/c and relationship fic, and I don't play favorites: I love buddy pairs or teams together. I write in a single universe, so all my stories in one fandom work together, sometimes referring to each other but not contradicting or offering alternate versions of the same event. No story is dependent on another, however, and can be read in any order. Criticism is always welcome, but I'd be grateful if I could get typo and error notices in private notes, not reviews.