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I am a simple person, who is slowly perfecting a craft they love through the writing of Fanfictions. I am not old, nor am I young. Definitely a female, last I checked. I love to read almost anything, give or take a few things.

I try to reply to all reviews that are signed, or in this sites case when I get them. I do not like Anonymous Reviews, thus turn them off. Because, if you cannot log in to say what you have to say, and expect a reply back, to me you are a troll. Sorry, just how I feel. And yes that makes me jaded, but been a part of the Fanfiction community since... well too long.

If you have questions about why I do what I do or want to request a Fic story from me, please, by all means, message me. I do not do bestiality, Heavy BDSM, excessive brutality, and violence. NO RAPE! No children 'love' stories either. I like to work with people on the fic stories that are requested of me.

But, and this is A HUGE BUTT! I won't write the story if it touches on those previously mentioned topics, or you give me exactly almost per verbatim what you want to the last word. Thus taking away any creative ability I could have had in writing what you asked for. At that point, I will politely tell you to write it yourself.