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  1. Summary

    A look at how one person, one meeting and one dream can change a life forever.

    Keith's story: Last chance, they told him. If this family didn't work out then it was back to the group home for him. And as much as Keith disliked the foster system, he hated the group home. He'd endure anything life threw at him to avoid going back. But when he meets Shiro, Keith realizes that, perhaps, there's more to life than just enduring. His world is about to become a whole lot brighter.

    Shiro's story: Shiro signed up for the Big Brother program hoping to make a small difference in some troubled kid’s life. But when he’s partnered with a young teen named Keith he realizes he isn’t just going to just make a difference in Keith’s life; Keith is going to end up changing his too in ways he never could have imagined.