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Greenlady, Jen Hall
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Vancouver, BC, Canada


I have always been a Slash fan, even before I heard the term. In the 1990s, I discovered the existence of Slash, and that other people wrote it. Next, I discovered that Slash was being published on the internet, so I got myself some internet access and began to read it. Eventually, I began to write it, too.

First I wrote a long, still unfinished fantasy epic about Jim Ellison and Blair Sandburg, in The Sentinel fandom. I moved on to write many stories in Starsky and Hutch fandom, under the name Jen Hall. I left S/H fandom for over a decade, and wrote stories in the Smallville fandom. When I got sick to death of that, I quit writing Fanfiction entirely for several years. Now I have returned to Starsky & Hutch.

I never used to make my preferences known about negative feedback, going along with the party line about 'I have a right to my own opinion!' Yes, you do, but I won't tolerate abuse. No one is forcing you to read my stories, okay? Being a fanfiction writer gives me no benefits. I didn't write Fifty Shades of Grey, thank God. The least you can do is be polite.

Also, you might think that you're a better writer than I am, and that I should be eternally grateful for your advice on how to write. That's your opinion, to which you are entitled. My own opinion, to which I am entitled, is that I don't give a damn. I want to write my own stories the way I want to write them. You go write your stories and leave me to write mine. I won't bother you, and you won't bother me.