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    Pokémon Reset Bloodlines by Crossoverpairinglover AKA KrspaceT begins with Cyrus (who's gained control of the strands of reality) dismantling the universe to create his world without spirit. However, Arceus is able to save Ash Ketchum, and sends him back to the day he started his journey so he can prevent this from happening.

    After waking up, Ash learns that Arceus was unable to recreate the world exactly as it was, so there are numerous unintended changes: Ash is now 15 years old, actually kept in contact with Serena, and is one of only two people from Pallet Town to earn a Pokémon license. Perhaps most important of all, he's now a bloodliner, which is essentially a human with Pokémon-related abilities. He retains his memories from the old timeline and is able to restore his Pokémon's own memories, but cannot do so with their physical abilities, meaning he has to retread old ground while figuring out the laws of this new timeline.

    Like many stories, it has a romantic subplot, but this one is relatively unusual. This is a harem fic, and Ash will have six girlfriends. However, this will only happen after a lot of time and soul-searching for everybody involved.