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    This is ideas for oneshots that I have been thinking of. So I decided to put all my ideas and one shot stories here to organize it. I have two on going stories that are going great. But I do have other ideas sometimes and I have been watching to write them. So this is where they are! These one shots do have potential to become more than one chapter! All it needs is support :)

    The one shots range from angst to fluff to romance to action to sexual scenes to AUs to What ifs to Anything! I am open to taking suggestions! This can be with different ships too! Though I am best with Bakugou ships ;3
    I can also do picture scenes. If you like a post or a picture and want to know what could happen next, send it to me either on Instagram (@Explodokillerr) or message me and ask what could happen next or something!

    I am open to writing!


    I hope you enjoy this series! :3