Big reader, not really a writer. Sometimes I write because my reading enthusiasm spills over and has nowhere else to go. Please don't take it seriously. Also, I tend to switch fandoms every few years. Consistently more interested in fic than any particular TV show. TV shows don't usually go where I want them to. Fic just tends to be better, deeper, darker, raunchier... Yeah.

Super-long, meticulously researched epic AUs are great. Short little thrown-together PWPs are also great. Carefully reasoned out fix-it canon fics are great. Drunken 3:00 AM crack!fic is great. Can't get into high school/university AUs because I've aged too much and the characters all seem like babies to me now. (now I sound like my mother back when DiCaprio was a thing...) But to each their own! I mean, hey - I once read a SGA fic in which the two male leads were girl scout cookies and it was HOT.

You can find me on tumblr and pillowfort under the name "hopelessheathen" or on dreamwidth under "hopelessheathen57."