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Northern Europe


Long-time Tolkien fan, chose to study languages&linguistics at university partially due to Tolkien's inspiration. Wrote LotR fanfiction as a teen, now writing about the Silmarillion.

I'm especially interested in exploring and giving voices to Tolkien's 'textual ghosts' - characters, mostly women, who exist in the canon but about whom very little is known. For now I also seem to be obsessed with the sons of Fëanor, those wonderful, terrible tragedy magnets, and their semi-canonical wives.

I write a lot of one-shots and also have plans for several longer fics. My current 'big project' is Your spirit calling out to mine, a story about Caranthir courting his future wife. There are sometimes long breaks between updates but it will be continued.

I write Gen – a lot of family stuff – as well as love stories, mostly het though I've tried my hand at writing slash romance as well. I write romantic stories because I'm a sucker for romance. Some of my fics are rather introspective, with relatively little dialogue and plenty of exploration of feelings.

My Tumblr also contains some headcanons and meta by me as well as lots of reblogged, funny/pretty/thought-provoking Tolkien-related content.

Permissions: I give blanket permission to make translations and podfics of my fics as they are (unaltered) and to make art inspired by them, as long as you credit me as the author. I do ask that you let me know and send me the address of the translation, so that I can add a link to your work on the original fic page.