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    Edward and Alphonse Elric: Two brothers who are proficient in the mystical science of Alchemy. Once, in a quest to recover the parts of their bodies they lost in an attempt to resurrect their mother, they toppled a conspiracy of unimaginable evil, but lost many loved ones in the process, and found themselves unable to return to their world.
    The Manhattan Clan: The remnants of a Gargoyle Clan who were betrayed by the humans they swore to protect. In their attempt to avenge their fallen brethren, they were turned to stone for a thousand years, only to awaken in an unfamiliar and hostile world. They protected their new home in the shadows, only to be revealed to the world at large in spite of their efforts. Now, they find themselves hunted.
    These two stories that never should have met now find themselves intertwined. Together, the Alchemists and the Gargoyles will face a world endeavoring to break them. Hearts will break, blood will spill, and an unbreakable tie of family and love will be forged.