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    This series combines several BL anime/manga stories. I've tried to structure it like a TV show with a large cast of characters. The individual stories bounce around with different characters taking the lead, but everyone is gradually getting to meet each other and mixing it up. I don't break up canon couples. I will hook up single side characters - sometimes M/M and sometimes M/F. I mostly stick to slice-of-life, light-hearted romance, and fun, with a bit of smexy times.

    I try to keep each story fairly stand-alone so you can dip in and out according to your favorite MCs, but it works best if you read them all in order (except for #15 Keepsake - that one you can skip if you wish). I also try to introduce new sources in a way that you can read them even if you aren't familiar with the anime/manga (maybe I'll inspire you to read them, lol). Hope you enjoy it.


    19 Jan 2020