Greetings, Felicitations, etc.

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I'm trying to improve my long-term plot arcs, write more genuine characters, and make my stories more interesting, and I'm open to any sort of constructive criticism, so if you see any of my stories and notice something, by all means let me know.

I love history and recommending books to random people, so if you're in need of some reading material, hit me up. However, if you're posting on this site, there's a good chance you've already read most of what I would suggest at one time or another.

I go by DrMckay on and a few other sites, so if my work shows up there, It's only me stealing from myself.

I like SW fic, particularly Legends Rebel pilots and infantry, but I'm in that weird headspace where I can't write Disney because the new universe and it's characters are so small and constrained, and I can't write Legends right now because, well, stupid as it sounds I don't have any movies/stories I'm looking forward to in the future so it's hard to even get excited for the 'glory days' we never really had.