Darby Harper

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Appalachia, WV


I'm a life-long equestrienne who lives in the wilds of Appalachia with my menagerie of cats, bunnies, parrots and yes, horses. I write almost exclusively sci-fi and fantasy work with the occasional smattering of RL and humor fic. My main fandom since 1986 or so has been Def Leppard, but I'm dipping my toes into the wonderfully wild Rammstein fandom, and I've been chipping away at a Doctor Who fic.

I'm also a fan of Rush, Alice Cooper, Metallica, Nine Inch Nails and a whole pile of other bands too numerous to mention. My iPod and iTunes looks like I ran rampant through a record store and grabbed anything I could get my paws on.

When I'm not scribbling away or down in the barn, I do the occasional bit of needlework, play with the parrots, bunnies and cats [just not all at the same time], read, and I'm thinking of learning how to knit and make quilts. Maybe. I love tattoos, piercings, body mods and if my hands didn't shake so badly, I'd consider a career as a tattoo artist or piercer.

I'm over on Tumblr: https://www.tumblr.com/blog/darbyharper