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mid-Hudson Valley, New York state


I was born in the 70s to educated parents born in the early 30s, and many of my formative reads (and films) were classics or "Golden Age", which means I'm a bit old-fashioned about some things (like proper grammar), though I'm obviously not very narrow-minded about relationships, other than consent and happy endings.
Mainly-dilettante interests include the natural world (from finches to falcons, megafauna to millipedes to moss to mica, stars to snowflakes), linguistics, photography, handcrafts, ... seriously I could keep listing for quite a while! Unfortunately for my fandom qualifications, though, I've never been into video games, graphic novels, or anime, just books, movies, and TV.
Entertainment preferences are weighted toward fantasy/sf, whodunnits, slow-burn romance, naturalistic humor, found family, and cultural exploration and understanding — combos of the above best of all — and in fanfiction I love crossovers and fusions as well as single-fandom AUs, but not so much the unpowered sort when the canon *does* have f/sf.
However, I need to warn anyone looking at my *many* bookmarks for suggestions: 1) I mark almost every fic I finish, because I'm no good at recalling authors and titles, and a Read list comes in handy, and 2) I'm able to tolerate a somewhat severe lack of proofreading if the characters and plot grip me enough (though it's annoyingly obtrusive). Lately I've been trying to remember to tick "Rec" on any standouts (and annotate more), but I rarely did at first.
One of these years I *might* actually post something of my own.