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  1. Summary

    A series of Oneshots based around Songs i’ve listened to about Omori’s bad ending, but with a twist.

    Each can be read by themselves technically, but to get the full picture it’s highly suggested you read them all through to get the full story.

    When Sunny jumped off the building under the influence of Omori, he decided to still try to get the truth out, hence writing a sticky note that reveals all the crimes Sunny had committed, this changes the way the gang reacts to both the truth and Sunny’s Suicide, shattering the group. Aubrey pushes everyone away in grief, Kel continues to put on a toxic smile, and Hero runs away from Faraway, whilst Basil tries to get better.

    All the while a ballad of despair is played by a girl in a white dress, never to see the chaos their duet performed by one is causing.