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Hi! I'm Ava! My Tumblr is celestial-yuuri if you ever want to contact me outside of ao3.

I play guitar and ukulele, and I'm a singer-songwriter. (Check out my music! I'm Ava Easter on YouTube!) As you can tell, I also enjoy writing original novels and fanfiction.

Currently, I'm focused on my musician!Victuuri fanfic called Gotta Have Soul, and I would greatly encourage you to check out that fic if you want an idea of my writing style. I've also written fanfictions about Dan and Phil, Miraculous Ladybug (with an unfinished Marichat fanfiction sorryyyy), Voltron: Legendary Defenders, and Durarara!!, along with another short Yuri!!! On Ice fanfiction.

Thank you for checking out my stories, and I'll try to post as much as I can! As it stands, I do not have an updating schedule. Between college, work as a barista, and upcoming gigs, I'll be pretty busy, but I'll try to write as much as I can in the meantime. All I ask is for understanding and patience. :)