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I am an NCIS fanatic! I have a facebook page for the NCIS 1:6 scale dolls that I have created. You can find the page by searching for "NCIS in 1:6 Scale" on facebook.

I am a TIVA shipper all the way. I loved the interaction of the two characters and the chemistry between Michael Weatherly and Cote de Pablo. I also agree 100% with Michael's June 2017 interview in which he indicated that he believed that Ziva was still alive and Tony would find her. Cote also indicated in an interview in May 2018 that she believed the character was still alive and that Tony and Ziva had reunited. Nice to see the actors are also shippers!

Most of my stories are linked. The main work is "You Complete Me." The source of the story title is the work "Not Just Another Day." If you are new to the TIVA world that I have created, I suggest you start with "Not Just Another Day" and then read the main work, "You Complete Me." After that, the other linked stories will make more sense (especially characters and relationships), but they can be read in any order. Also, I created and named the McGee twins in the summer of 2017, before they were canon. Hence the names are slightly different in my stories; John and Katie instead of John and Morgan. Enjoy!