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Hello friends! 'Tis I, the Bubblegum Penguin. I also respond to Tianna, Tia, T-Dog (just kidding, don't call me that) and "Can I please speak to the manager?"

In real life, I am an assistant manager at Arby's. There's a whole story about why, but long story short, I got a part time job just as a way to distract myself from my then-recent excruciating heartbreak, and I just never left, and now they put me in charge of a full team of people. Go figure!

My hobbies include nothing because as an assistant manager, I have basically no life outside of work anymore. It's a problem. But once upon a time, I liked doing things like reading, and watching movies, and playing with makeup, and... probably more reading. God, I sound boring...

I have cats. No babies. My cats are my babies until further notice. They are named Han and Leia. No, I'm not a big fan of the Star Wars franchise. My sister and I agreed that we'd have to agree on a name for Leia, and after cycling through about a hundred other names, my brother jokingly threw out Leia because Star Wars was on in the background, and my sister said "yes, that's perfect" and even though I was internally thinking, "that is most definitely not perfect" I relented anyways. Because that's how mine and my sister's relationship works. Han's name just followed naturally since we have a nephew named Luke. If I was in charge of naming my cats, they'd be Bug and Phineas. So please refer to them as Buggy and Phin.

Now that I've just shared the story of how my cat's got their name, please go check out my work. I only have one story currently. But I hope to add to it eventually.