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  1. Summary

    An modern au where Blood Gulch is the name of two bars down the street from each other, constantly bickering about who's the real Blood Gulch Bar.


    Character ages and jobs

    Carolina- 26, blue team bouncer

    Epsilon/Elliot- 12, Head of Pranking Red Team

    Wash- 24, blue team bouncer

    Caboose- 16, Head of Babysitting The Other Two

    Kai- 16, Assistant Director of Babysitting The Other Two

    Tucker- 21, bartender

    Junior- 4, Head of being Adorable

    Grif- 25, bartender

    Simmons- 27, manager

    Sarge- 58, owner

    Donut- 26, "entertainment"

    Lopez- who the fuck knows, bouncer

    Sheila- 25, Social Worker in training