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    Harry is too old and too frightening to force to dance with infants just out of the schoolroom; he bows and makes his pretty to Lady Triffleston and moves toward Unwin. He's distracted once or twice by people greeting him, but he keeps an eye on Unwin and sees the moment when Unwin realizes that Harry is in the room and drifting toward him. The boy's head snaps up and his eyes widen. Harry's too far away to see the way his lashes flutter as he blinks rapidly -- once -- twice -- and looks around for a way to escape.


    21 Oct 2021

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    AU where Eggsy's association with Kingsman starts rather differently.


    11 Oct 2021

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    PART 1
    When Dean Baker's far-right group start to branch out into domestic terrorism, MI5 and the Met hand over to Kingsman - and hand over his seventeen-year-old stepson to Harry to run as a spy in Baker's house.
    Dean est soupçonné de complot terroriste. Harry, en collaboration avec MI5 et MI6, utilise une approche peu orthodoxe pour obtenir des infos. Eggsy est un prostitué de 17 ans et Harry l'approche plusieurs nuit en tant que client voyeuriste mais gentil avant de devoir lui demander son aide. Eggsy accepte en échange de la protection de sa mère enceinte. Il devient espion dans son propre foyer, place des bugs, espionne les conversations... Il est assez désabusé de sa collaboration car les avancées sont très lentes et ne s'accommodent pas bien avec sa morale. Harry est jugé compromis émotionnellement et retiré de l'affaire, puis rappelé pour sauver in extremis la vie d'Eggsy. Finalement, le gang de Dean est arrêté avec des bombes en cours de construction. Eggsy et sa mère sont envoyé vivre en dehors de Londres et Eggsy reprend ses études
    PART 2
    Harry's life has always been his work.
    4 ans plus tard, Merlin propose Eggsy comme son candidat pour les épreuves de remplacement d'un chevalier parti à la retraite. Harry est frustré qu'il ne soit pas le sien mais comprend la décision: il ne peut pas présenter le garçon pour lequel il a été jugé compromis. Beaucoup de tension sexuelle, d'affichage, et la promesse implicite qu'ils attendront qu'Eggsy deviennent chevalier. Des chevaliers se réunissent pour créer un nouveau siège à la table dans le but d'être capable d'accueillir à la fois Eggsy et Roxy qui sont les favoris.
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    05 Oct 2021

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    PARTIE 1
    "Harry--"Eggsy breaks off, because, god, Harry's here! He's alive, breathing, beautiful, and he's got Eggsy crushed in his arms and Eggsy can feel his mouth tingling from the roughness of his kiss.
    Then Harry pulls back; more-so he shoves Eggsy away. He keeps him pinned to the wall, at arms length, and Eggsy is pleased to see Harry is panting, stray chocolate hairs fallen out of place. The action, however, makes his blood feel cold, and he stares up at Harry in confusion, expecting something more. But Harry makes no move to close the space between them again.
    When Harry speaks, finally, it's low and deadly and it fucking hurts.
    "Forget that ever happened."
    **In which Harry Hart returns to confuse the shit out of Eggsy, and make his life a bit of rough.**
    PARTIE 2
    He never wants to feel that again. He never wants to pull away from Harry’s touch, never wants Harry to give him that stern, helpless look that says there’s nothing we can do.
    There’s something Eggsy can do, right now, to ensure that never happens to them again.
    For Harry.
    For us.
    He’s ready to cross the bridge. He just hopes Harry is right behind him.
    In which the secret of his relationship with Harry has Eggsy feeling less than merry over Christmas dinner at his mum’s.
    A follow-up to Breathless: A Tale of Eggsy Unwin
    PARTIE 3
    “Be good,” Eggsy says, still dazed as he lowers his jaw and casts his gaze to the floor, tucking his bottom lip between his teeth and biting.
    Harry’s stomach drops hotly. “That’s my boy,” he says warmly, then turns and leaves.
    It’s only his job to try.
    He has to remember, Eggsy doesn’t expect this to work. This is a symbol of Harry’s affection and respect, at best. It may not succeed.
    But Harry tips his jaw up and walks himself and his resolve to the car waiting at the curb.
    A Kingsman never fails.

    In which Harry has forgotten Eggsy’s Christmas present… Eggsy supplies an idea.
    A continuation of Breathless: A Tale of Eggsy Unwin