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I'm no James Luceno, but I'm trying. Anyone is welcome to review, check for writing errors, offer constructive ideas on my projects, and take up any of the challenges I issued.

Quotes to Copy and Paste

Many Fanfiction writers like to be biased about certain characters, even when they say that they don't approve of bashing. I say, what's there to be biased about? Some characters might have reasonable explanations for their less than perfect behavior, especially when there is ultimately no such thing as perfection. So please, everyone, try to be tolerant.

Some Fanfiction writers prefer certain pairings and chose not to waver from them. I say, what's the harm in exploring more than one option? There are numerous anime protagonists from Naruto Uzumaki to Monkey D. Luffy, who I believe can end up with any female character within reason. Being open-minded isn't a crime.

There are those who don’t approve of challenge stories for whatever reason, but I believe that other then passing down ideas to others, challenge stories should exist to inspire up and coming fanfiction writers on what they can yet make. And to serve as reminders for those who came with the ideas behind them.

I’m not saying that OCs shouldn’t be made, but depending on what fandom and type of story you want to write, you might want to ask if Original Characters should be made to serve as essential protagonists, antagonists, love interests, or something in between, especially when the fandom might already have the needed characters.

This site could use more characters and categories. Use the "Help" setting to expand FFN.

If you like the fanfiction, but don’t appreciate the source content, then you should check your hypocrisy meter.

Before you write fanfiction:

Is it Divergent?

Is it Original?

Is it Possible?

Is it Entertaining?

Is it Sustainable?

If you feel the same about any of my views, please copy and paste.