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On AO3 I'm mostly a read (and comment) person. I write, though I haven't written any fanfics in a long long while. If I ever did, I'd share them here.

Ships/fandoms I enjoy currently:

*Men's Hockey RPF -
(& like, IDK how this even happened? ◉_◉ When I don't even watch hockey (Welp, I do now LMAO). But I can't stop this train so, I'm just going with it! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
--Travis Konecny/Nolan Patrick
--Sidney Crosby/Claude Giroux
--Sidney Crosby/Nathan MacKinnon
--Sidney Crosby/Evgeni Malkin
--Leon Draisaitl/Matthew Tkachuk
--Leon Draisaitl/Connor McDavid
--Nesting Goalies!
*Marcus Flavius Aquila/Esca Mac Cunoval (The Eagle - 2011 film/Eagle of the Ninth - book)
*Evan "Buck" Buckley/Eddie Diaz (9-1-1)
*Brother Diarmuid/The Mute (Pilgrimage, 2017 - movie)
*Bravo Team (as family/brothers), Clay Spencer whump fics (SEAL Team)

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Asteropê is one of the Pleiades nymphs. It's also the name for a star in the Pleiades star cluster -- 21/22 Tauri (it's technically a binary star). Asteropê can mean: Star-Faced, Lightning, etc. Pronunciation is basically: (ah)stare-oh-pea