AraMeko (Megumi Aramaki)

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Constellation Realm


AraMeko, a short for Megumi Aramaki, is a private page for writing M/F fluff, smut, lemon, NSFW, R18, steamy, hurt/comfort wholesome spicy romance fictions for adults only!

Warning!: The pages contains content that may be unsuitable for younger viewers and is Not Safe for Work. The readers discretion is strongly advised and must be 18+ years of age to read it carefully. Or go back to St. Louis where you belong!! Don't read it if you are under 18!

I write:
1. Light lemon/kink fictions
2. Fluff/Smut fictions
3. Wholesome romance fictions
4. Hurt/Comfort fictions
5. Heterosexual fictions

I don't write:
1. Dark/BDSM fictions
2. Rape/Non-Con fictions
3. Underage fictions
4. LGBTQ+ fictions
5. Furry/Anthro/Mecha fictions