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  1. Summary

    This is a place for me to put random little things I have written that are from prompts, but not the same style of prompts as my "Writers Sketchbook" series.

    It will be a sort of catch-all for things of random fandoms that I have written due to some prompt or another and I will state what the prompt is in the note section of the story.

  2. Summary

    As an artist keeps a sketchbook, so too do I keep a sort of written sketchbook.

    These are stories I have written as self prompts. I have a long list of characters and genres and usually take two characters and one genre at random, I actually created an Excel spread sheet so it randomizes it on its own, and then write what ever comes up to challenge myself and keep my mind sharp, or to get over writer's block I'm having on my main stories.

    Most of them will be one shots, but there have been some that have turned into an interlinked series, quite on accident, when the rolls for characters came up with the same pairing—which happened more often than I expected it would!

    I have decided to put all of these stories into a specific series to keep track of them. If they continue on in another story, I will make a note of it in the tags.